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Book Reviews

Ella West is an author for 11 - 15 year old readers. Her books are sophisticated and mysterious. Ella West wrote Night Vision about a girl named Viola that has a disease known as XP. Some people described her condition as “ The Moon Child”.  Viola’s life was lived at night. Her parents got her a pair of expensive night vision goggles to go outside and see at night. One night Viola witnessed a death and could never give out what she saw that night. It was her deepest secret.

I rate Night Vision 9/10. If you are planning on reading this book I recommend to read a page and see if you like it. I would suggest this book is for a sophisticated reader. It is an easy book to visualise. Night Vision for my opinion is for 10-11 year olds and over. I really liked this book and I hope you do too. By Eliala

Morris Gleitzman

This book is about a young boy named Felix who has in the past 2 books have gone through many dreadful deaths of
close friends and family members. In
this book you will feel like you are Felix
and go through what he is going through. You will definitely get lost in this book and it will be hard to put down.

In the last 2 books Felix has escaped an orphanage because Felix saw Nazis burning books. Felix loves books so he was disgusted that any human being would burn innocent books. From there on it's all about Felix's adventure on finding his parents. You might be a little confused about Felix escaping from an orphanage to find his parents but if you read the book it will tell you what's going on.

On the way to finding his parents Felix found a little girl named Zelda who has no parents anymore because the Nazis  burnt down her house and burnt her parents. Zelda is one of my favourite characters because she is very strong in what she believes in and she is very smart for a 6 year old. Zelder is very brave and has a lot of courage. This made me think about my character and what I am. My other favourite characters are a girl named Yuli and Barney as well as Felix. They all have a meaning in the story and have a very good charter to play.

The plot is that the Nazis leader Adof Hitler is going around telling Nto Nazis kill innocent people and burn books. After Felix realises what is going on and what Adolf Hitler is doing he joins forces with a special group called The Special Society.               

If you are planning to read this book I would suggest reading Once first then read Then. This book would probably be suitable for sophisticated readers (11 above.) I really liked one particular saying that one of the characters Barney said “Everybody deserves to have something good in their life once.” Then Felix said “

“I have. more than once.”

Book review by Ella

In this book ( Rosie and the secret friend, the fairy bell sisters) the characters are… Clara bell, Lily bell, Rosie bell, Silver bell, and Squeak.(Squeak is the youngest.)

The Author of this book is Margaret McNamara.

This is what happens in the book…
There is a little island called SHEEPSKERRY ISLAND.
But in summer the humans come and stay in the little cottages, so the fairies have to stay in their little fairy houses all summer!

But one day Rosie went to one of the cottages called White Rose Cottage, she wanted to have a look. But she got caught by one of the human children. Rosie  became great friends with the human child (Louisa).The human was on crutches.

Rosie couldn’t tell her sisters about Louisa, so she didn’t know what to do!...
I would rate this book a 10/10 because the book was really adventurous and exciting because Rosie got caught by a human but then she got let go.

My favourite part of the book was when Rosie got caught because it was really scary because she wasn’t allowed to show herself to humans.
(I haven't read the whole book yet but I am nearly done.

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