Maths Strategy Videos

Maths Strategy Videos

Check out these Maths Strategy Videos to help you with your learning:


Counting All 
Adding and Subtracting with Counters (video)
Adding and Subtracting with One Hand (video)
Fly Flps (video)
Using Fives (video)
Challenging Hand Problems(video)
Teens and Fingers (video)
Ones and Tens (video)
 More Ones and Tens(video)
Using One Hand (video)
Both Hands (video)
What's Hidden (video)
Imaging Many Hands (video)
Making Tens (video)
Crossing the Five Barrier(video)
Ten Sweets Per Pack(video)

Counting All/ Advanced Couning
Number Tiles (video)
Frogs (video)

Advanced Counting
The Bigger Number First(video)
Change Unknown (video)
Counting Back (video) 
Adding Tens (video)
Subtracting Tens (video)
Adding Ones and Tens(video)
Subtracting Ones and Tens(video)
The Missing Ones and Tens(video)

Advanced Counting/ Early Additive
Make Ten (video) 
Compatible Numbers (video)
Subtraction in parts (video)
Up Over the Tens (video)

Early Additive
Adding in parts
Addition in parts (Video)
More comparisons (video)
How many ten-dollar notes

Early Additive/ Advanced Additive 
Saving hundreds
Saving hundreds (video)
Jumping the number line
Jumping the number line(video)
Don't subtract add
Don't subtract add (video)

Advanced Additive 
Problems like 23 + ? = 71
Problems like 23 + ? = 71(video)
How many tens and hundreds
Problems like 37 + ? = 79
Problems like 37 + ? = 79(video)
Problems like ? + 29 = 81
When one number is near 100
When 1 number is near 100 -add (video)
When 1 number is near 100 -sub (video)
Problems like 73 - 19 = ?
Problems like 73 - 19 = ?(video)
Equal additions
People's ages
People's Ages (video)
A balancing act
A balancing act (video)
Near doubles
Near doubles (video)
Three or more at a time
Three or more at a time(video)
Problems like 67 - ? = 34
Large numbers roll over
Large numbers roll over - addition (video)
Large numbers roll over - subtraction (video)
Standard written form for addition
Standard written form for addition (video)
Decomposition (video)
Estimation as a check

Advanced Additive/ Advanced Multiplicative 
Introducing decimal fraction place value
Introducing decimal fraction place value (video)
The decimal fraction point
Adding with decimal fractions
Adding with decimal fractions(video)
Subtraction with tenths
Subtraction with tenths(video)
Multiplication with tenths
Multiplication with tenths(video)
Division with tenths
Dollars and Bills
Dollars and Bills (video)
Hills and dales
Hills and dales (video)
Average ability
Average ability (video)
Multiple ways to add and subtract
Multiple ways to add and subtract (video)

Advanced Multiplicative/Advanced Proportional 
Combining proportions
Combining proportions(video)


Counting All/ Advanced Counting
Number Strips (video)

Advanced Counting/Early Additive
Three's Company(video)
Animals Arrays (video)
Pirate Crews (video)
Biscuit Boxes (video)
Twos, Fives and Tens(video)

Early Additive/Advanced Additive
Fun with fives
Fun with fives (video)
Multiplying tens
Multiplying tens (video)
A little bit more a little bit less
A little bit more a little bit less (video)
A little bit more a little bit less part 2 (video)
Turn abouts
Long Jumps
Long Jumps (video)
Goesintas (video)

Advanced Additive/ Advanced Multiplicative
Cut and paste
Cut and paste (video)
Multiplication smorgasboard
Division in parts (video)
Proportional packets
Proportional packets part 1 (video)
Proportional packets part 2 (video)
The royal cooking lesson
The Royal Cooking Lesson part 1 (video)
The Royal Cooking Lesson part 2 (video)
Remainders (video)
Paper power (multiplication)
Paper power multiplication (video)
Paper power (division)
Paper power division(video)
Cross Products
Cross products (video)
Nines and threes
Nines and threes (video)
Powerful numbers
Powerful numbers (video)

Advanced Multiplicative/ Advanced Proportional
Little bites at big multiplications
Little bites at big multiplications and divisions (video)


Advanced Counting/ Early Additive
Fair Shares (video)
Wafers (video)
Aimals (video)
Fraction Circles (video)
Hungry Birds (video)

Early Additive/ Advanced Additive
Birthday Cakes
Birthday Cakes part 1 (video)
Birthday Cakes part 2 (video)
Fractional Blocks
Fractional blocks (video)
Seed Packets
Seed packets (video)
Trains (video)

Advanced Additive/Advanced Multiplicative 
Pipe Music with Decimals
Pipe Music with Decimals(video)
Pipe Music with Decimals part 2 (video)
Decimats (video)
How can two decimals so ugly make one so beautiful?
How can two decimals so ugly make one so beautiful?(video)

Advanced Multiplicative/Advanced Proportional 
Hot Shots
Hot Shots (video)
Mixing Colours
Mixing Colours (video)
Extending Hot Shots
Extending Hot Shots (video)
Extending Mixing Colours
Extending Mixing Colours(video)
Folding Fractions and Decimals
Folding Fractions and Decimals (video)
Comparing Apples with Apples
Comparing Apples with Apples (video)
Feeding Pets
Feeding Pets (video)
Brmmm! Brmmm!
Brmmm! Brmm! (video)
Rates of Change
Rates of Change (video)
More lessons and videos are added every week.
 What is Numeracy?
Need to quickly explain Numeracy? This Powerpoint highlights the main elements of Numeracy.

Basic Facts Assessments
Our Basic Facts book contains a school wide Basic Facts Resource. Below are two additional tests for each stage. The results from both these tests can be recorded on the graphs provided in The Basic Facts book (pg 83-89).
Additional test 1
Additional test 1 answers
Additional test 2
Additional test 2 answers

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