Wednesday, 4 November 2015


In the last two weeks of Term 3 some of us have been involved in a learning task called Make-Tember. This involved taking some learning from this term, summarising it and creating a tool that other students could learn from.

The three options were: 1. Water Safety - from our AWE Water Survival skills sessions 2. School Pepeha - learn more about this by watching the video! 3. Quality Blog Comments - watch the videos to learn how to write a quality comment on a blog. Students involved were given choice as to how to present their work.

Check out some of the final results:

 The rest of us were keen to watch them. We decided to give some constructive feedback to those involved.

Here are the criteria we came up with:

1. We understand the message (the message is clear).

2. The quality of the product (e.g. easy to hear, not fuzzy, not shaking).

3. Creative e.g. interesting, has a hook, entertaining.

 We used this to give product a rating out of 3.

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  1. Hello,
    I had a lot of connections while reading your post! I have also done a post and seen a couple videos about commenting. What do you start a comment off with?
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