Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Emily's post describing an addition strategy

Borrowing (Stealing) In Maths


You use borrowing by taking ones off of a number to make another number a Tidy Number. For E.G 
57+33=_  you take the 3 from 33 to make it 30. Then you add on the 3 that u took from 33 and add it onto 57 to make it 60. Adding with Tidy Numbers is very easy to do so you add 60+30=90. you do not give the 3 back so basically its stealing.

Borrowing can not be used with subtraction because the answer always end up wrong. For E.G 57-33=_ take 3 away from 33 and add it onto the 57 to make it 60. 60-30= 30. The real answer is 24. 

Borrowing should only be used with numbers that are close to a Tidy Number like the number 49. You need a number over 5 so its close to a tidy number.


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